Vaccination Programs

Traralgon Veterinary Centre provide the following vaccines for horses:

Equivac 2 in 1 vaccination: Tetanus & Strangles. Foals should be protected from 3 months of age and require 2 booster vaccinations 14 days apart. All horses should be vaccinated on an annual basis to maintain protection. This vaccine provides immunisation against disease.

Equivac TAT: Tetanus antitoxin. Should be administered to horses after injury where risk of tetanus is present (i.e. cuts and abrasions from fences, tin). This is not a vaccine against tetanus, but a prevention and treatment. The Equivac 2 in 1: Tetanus & Strangles vaccine should be given in addition to Equivac TAT under the instruction of your veterinarian.

Equivac HeV vaccination: Hendra virus. Foals should be protected from 4 months of age with the first booster given 3-6 weeks after the initial dose. Boosters are required every 6 months to maintain protection.